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wrapped around comfort.

styled in basics.

Baby Shower Packages

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Why Comfy Basics?

For moms and little ones, comfort should always come first!

New born babies - during their first few days and months - communicate any discomfort by crying. With Comfy Basics (CB), moms have one less thing to worry about as CB makes sure the little ones stay comfortable with what they wear - without sacrificing style.

CB Clothes

- Majority of CB's clothes focus on gender neutral and minimalist designs.

- Babies grow through the months quickly but at the same time, moms need to keep changing their clothes whenever the little one feels any discomfort - sweat, wet diaper, etc. As much as it is inevitable to buy a lot of baby clothes, CB is here to provide these minimalist designs so parents can reuse these onesies for their next child.

CB Learning Materials

- As new borns turn into toddlers in a blink of an eye, CB also has Creative and Bright learning materials for the little ones (alphabet flash cards, number blocks and books). These learning materials are for parents, godparents, titas and titos to create and spend quality time with the little ones.

wrapped around comfort. styled in basics.

Comfy Basics PH

Gender Neutral Onesies. Minimalist Swaddle Blankets.

Baby Shower Sets.

Milestone Blocks. Number Blocks.

Creative and Bright Learning Materials: Alphabet Cards and Books.